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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

Summer doesn’t have to mean boring for your kids.

You don’t have to spend money either to let them have a good time.

There are plenty of free activities to do this summer and here are 5 helpful tips to keep your family strong this Summer!

Tip 1:  Power Dinner: Establish one night per week to have a super healthy dinner. There are all kinds of websites with free recipes that are healthy and delicious! This will help you introduce new and healthy foods to kids. It is also an opportunity for you as a parent to lead by example in the area of having a balanced diet.

Tip 2: Family Fun Days: Mark your calendar for 4-5 days over the Summer where you are going to do a fun day that includes walking, rowing, hiking, swimming, etc, that makes the family exercise as you do something fun! Make sure to build in a rest day to follow!
Tip 3: Rest days: A great way to stay healthy is to rest. There is a time to make class and a time to chill out! Make sure to build rest into your weekly flow.

Tip 4: Summer Student Challenge: We designed our summer challenge to keep students active at home.  Post on our page, stay accountable, and have fun with it.  The winning team gets an icecream party and bragging rights at our  annual summer student appreciation event.

Tip 5: Get Organized: Look for an organized activity that the whole family can do! One great advantage to Martial Arts training, is that parents and kids, even though they are in different classes, are learning similar curriculum and can therefore practice together and progress together.

Martial Arts Or Gymnastics: Which One Should I Choose?

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The other day, I was talking to some parents and they were deciding between enrolling their children in martial arts or gymnastics. 

I do agree that it is important to let children pick a sport to try for a minimum of six months. 

When, as a parent, do you think making the decision for the child is important? 

I think every case is different, but in this particular situation, the parent’s should have made the decision for the child. 


When I was sitting down with them, they were looking for more than a physical skill.  In school:  (1) Their son was respectful yet at home, he would lose his temper and hit his parents.  This behavior would not happen in public, only at home.  He was about 8 years old and was a strong kid.  The aggression was not limited to one parent but to both.  They could not figure out how to stop the behavior.

(2)  In their words, their son lacked initiative.  He would not make decisions and would settle for doing the minimum.  He wanted to just get by and would not do homework unless pushed or nagged by the parents. 

How successful do you think a child will be later in life. 

How successful do you think a child will be later in life when he does not respect his parents, loses emotional control and acts out with aggression, and lacks the initiative to strive for greater things?  They have an attitude of doing the very minimum and have a hard time making decisions. 

All parents want to offer their child a chance to compete in the world and create an amazing life.  This means giving them the tools now, to succeed later.  In this case, I believe parents should put them in an activity that builds respect at home, that teaches self-control instead of aggression and that shows him to believe in himself. 

Which do you think would help him more? 

Why don’t you teach Jiu-Jitsu, Competition Classes or MMA at Alamo Ranch Martial Arts?

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Why don’t you teach Jiu-Jitsu, Competition Classes or MMA at Alamo Ranch Martial Arts?

Call around town and most schools offer what I call multiple disciplines within their school.  They teach Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, MMA, etc.  Teaching multiple disciplines is not a bad thing.  The question I get asked is WHY DON’T I?

When I first opened my school, I knew that I wanted a kid-friendly school that was known for character-development and expert martial arts.  Everything we do revolves around personal development at home, school, and at karate.  When I started introducing competition classes, jiu-jitsu, and MMA, our level of service dropped in character-development.  It was moving us away from what we were known for.  The very concept that allowed us to touch the hearts and minds of our students, started becoming watered down.  I then decided to eliminate those classes and focus on who we are.  Does what we do make us better than other schools?  No, but it does make us different.  We won’t focus on competition, we don’t teach MMA, or even jiu-jitsu.  What we do is strive to build confidence and discipline.  We focus on this every class, every day, every month, every year.  That is who we are!  BETTER? MAYBE. DIFFERENT? ABSOLUTELY.