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The Most Common Myth About Martial Arts

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Many times parents and even martial arts owners I have met believe that the mat is where personal growth happens for students.

This is where it starts, however, it is not where it ends.

Any good instructor can teach a student how to kick, punch, or defend themselves.Any instructor can teach a student to win competition, raise a trophy, or earn a belt.

This type of teaching is not enough.

In my opinion, the potential to change the world by building better students is our real purpose.It is when a student takes the discipline of respect off the mat and into the classroom, the store, with friends, with teachers, and makes it a basis of living, that we know we have been successful.

It is not just your child who will benefit from this type of living.It is our schools, their teachers, their friends, and our local community who need a, “force of good”.

When respect, discipline, healthy living, and a strong mindset become a part of a student’s life, a student becomes a role model of martial arts with his actions.

While I respect and admire instructors who compete for world titles, I have come to believe that making the world a better place is of more importance. As instructors, we have the potential to influence students to a higher level. 

We can teach students to role model strength, courage and discipline so our community can see it is not just about the “martial” but about the “art” of living a life that makes a difference, that means something, that makes the world a better place.

Why Mom’s Love Alamo Ranch Martial Arts

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The truth is that 85%of our inquiries come from mothers.  Mothers are looking for a quality martial arts program that can help them and their children. 

Most Moms who call are from the late 20’s to late 30’s. 

They usually have multiple kids from a newborn to the ages of 8-9 (give or take a few years). 

This stage of life is difficult …..

These Moms usually are dealing with exhaustion….

Multiple kids means juggling what seems like 10 balls at one time.

From colds, to stomach viruses, ear infections, school, to nap time.

Many times a mother feels guilt from having to work and not spending enough time with the kids. 

On the end of the spectrum is the guilt from staying home and not doing enough to contribute financially. 

When exhaustion hits a mother, her patience usually leaves as well.

This produces guilt from the feeling of yelling at the kids all the time. 

Or maybe the guilt from trying to keep the house clean and it never seems to be clean. 

The other difficulty is the question of, “Am I raising my kids the right way?”  Do you force your kids to apologize or let them learn to do it on their own? 

The other challenge is a Moms social group.  Some friends are getting married, others struggling in their marriage, maybe some are already divorced.  Not only are they exhausted from the kids but keeping their own marriage healthy takes work.

Their body starts to change and in come cases they may notice the weight comes on faster and is harder to lose.   No time though for exercise, there is just to much to do….

Balance seems impossible yet they have to keep going no matter what…

It’s hard… Really hard…..

So how does martial arts tie into the struggle that Mothers are experiencing?  WE CAN HELP….It’s almost impossible to do it alone. 

  • ïYou need connections with other Mothers who share the same values on how you want to raise your child and the values you are instilling. 
  • ïYou need connections from other Mothers where you can make friends, your children can make connections that go beyond the martial arts mat.
  • ïA way to teach your kids that when Mom says “NO” it means “NO” without the whining.
  • ïA program with a strong and inspirational message for your kids that aligns with your values to make your life easier.
  • ïA place where you can sit and enjoy your kids, see them smile, smile yourself, and be proud of seeing your children develop into their best selves.

As difficult as it is at this stage for mothers, this stage is only temporary. Your kids will be gone and the time and effort and experience you create today will fade into just memories tomorrow.  You’ll eventually move into the next stage of growth of hormones, pimples, broken hearts, middle school crushes, and bullying.  The foundation you build now pays dividends in the future.

Martial arts can help reinforce and create the foundation that you are creating at this stage of life.  More importantly, the field trips of today, Santa Claus, reading time, Easter egg hunting, and Halloween will be gone in 10-15 years depending on the age of your child.

As difficult as it is  . . . .  .

This stage will fade and you will wish you had spent more time enjoying this stage of your children’s’ lives.   

Take a deep breath, and enjoy this life stage because this too shall pass…..

How To Encourage Your Child In Martial Arts

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Research Says This Is How You Should Encourage Kids In Sports.

Based on psychological research, the three healthiest statements moms and dads can make as kids do martial arts …

Before the class: 

Have fun.

Play hard.

I love you.

After the class:

Did you have fun?

I’m proud of you.

I love you.

It gets even better. Researchers Bruce Brown and Rob Miller asked college athletes what their parents said that made them feel great and brought them joy when they played sports. Want to know the six words they most want to hear their parents say?

“I love to watch you do martial arts.”

That’s it. Nothing aggrandizing like “you’re an all-star,” and nothing discouraging like “here are a couple of things I noticed that you can work on.” Just “I love to watch you do martial arts.”

See you on the mat,

Mr. G

Is Martial Arts Good For Single Parents?

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This message is for my single mothers out there.

Keep pushing…..

52% of marriages end in divorce.  More and more single mothers are sitting across from my table when they want to sign up for classes.

As you know, I like to sit across from the table and get to know my students and parents first before anyone can sign up with me. The last three conferences in row I’ve had were single mothers…..

If you thought raising a child was tough, imagine doing it alone…. That’s hard…..

One thing in common is that not only did all these mothers have a full-time job, they were all continuing their education while raising a child.  All three were going to graduate school and living on a single income.   

They have to be nurturing Mom and the disciplinarian at the same time, one person with two roles.

All three come home exhausted from work and they last thing they want to do is “yell” at there kids for not listening.

Many times they felt under appreciated for the tremendous sacrifice they have to make.

One had help from grandma but grandma let’s them get away with everything and makes disciplining the child even harder.  This usually creates conflict between grandma and mom…. Sound familiar single mom’s???

Their entire life revolves around trying to give there kids the good life and don’t get the recognition they deserve. 

Exhausted…..Tired…..Worn-out….. They keep going…. They push on……

What many of my students don’t realize is I too am a single parent.   My daughter came to live with me full-time when she was 5 years old.  Here I was a young man in his early 20’s with no parenting skills whatsoever thrust into being a full-time parent….

Was it hard… Yes! ….Still is….

Worth it?   ……………Priceless and wouldn’t change it for the world.

You see I got to see and develop a relationship with my daughter that is truly amazing…(She might not think so if you asked her)

Even though we have our rough days…. She knows Daddy loves her…..

I get to hold her when she is sick or has a nightmare… I get to kiss her every morning and say “I love you”….  I get to kiss her to bed every night. 

I’ve discovered that life is short and savoring the special moments are more important to me now than ever before. 

The only way to do this is to be present and be there for my kids

To all my single parents on facebook and online you are a special breed….And the world is a better place because of parents like you……

See you on the mat,

Mr. Guevara

No One Said Parenting Would Be Easy

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No one said parenting was going to be easy. 

You will have to do the hard things that your child might not understand until they get older. 

Like myself, I did not understand how finishing what I started taught me to finish college, get a Black Belt, be bold and so much more!

If I told you that if you keep letting your kids “veg” over on the tablet could lead to your child’s brain being rewired, would you do something about it today?  

If I told you that there will be about 20 fast food restaurants within 5 minutes’ drive, would you start developing healthy habits today? 

If I told you that entertainment for kids is moving from outside activities to on-line, would you get them moving today? 

If I told you that it is not a matter of if your child experiences peer pressure, it is when they do, would you get them included in a “confidence” building program today? 

If I told you that a “participation trophy mentality” is doing more harm than good, would you support an organization that emphasizes you get what you earn? 

If I told you the choices you allow your children to make today effect their future tomorrow, would you change today? 

If I told you what is cool today for kids, is not aligned with the values you are raising your child, would you support an organization with strong values today? 

Sure you would, which is exactly why you should put your child in martial arts.


Mr. G



A Negative Review About Alamo Ranch Martial Arts And Our Response

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You are probably wondering why would you post a negative review on your blog?

Well, I think it’s important that we are transparent about who we are for and who we are not for.

I believe the negative review listed below clearly shows who we are not for.

“The challenge starts with the parent going into fill out the challenge contract and to pay the $39.95 plus tax, so $43.25. You’ll either be told that the challenge is free and you need to pay for the uniform, or the sign on the side of the road will say the challenge is $39.95 with a free uniform. Either way, you are paying $39.95 for a Century karate uniform that costs $34.99 from their website. Don’t worry, you’ll make recoup the other $5 on the orientation day. At orientation, you’ll be given a little gift bag with some notes in it thanking you. There’s also a t-shirt for the kids and a $5 Starbucks gift card in it. Orientation lasts about 30 minutes. Pay attention during orientation and note when any of the instructors qualify themselves to actually teach Karate. In order to graduate, the students must “earn” their white belt and then 3 black stripes and 3 colored stripes on their belt. The white belt gets earned very quickly, my child received it on the 2 day going. For the little ones, they just have to stand still for 10 seconds, older ones have to recite the student creed. Once they have their belt, now the focus is on earning the red, white and blue stripes and the 3 black stripes. The red stripe is given by the instructor for being good in class. It happens quick, after all why would Johnny or Suzy want to come back if they aren’t earning anything (instant gratification). The white stripe is earned by the student getting a note from their teacher saying they are good. The blue stripe is earned by the parent writing a note saying how much Johnny or Suzy has improved since starting the challenge. The 3 black stripes get earned during the last week of the challenge for doing the same thing over and over again. Meaning that each of the 3 black stripes gets earned for doing the exact same thing. Each class is very similar. Making an “X” with their arms. Holding the arms to their chest. Holding their arms up in the air to make a big “V” and standing at attention with their arms to their side. Additionally they learn how to put an arm over their head to block a pool noodle attack, as well as duck and jump. Also during class the kids will do a lot of jumping jacks, punch paper and do army crawls across the mat. Stranger danger is also a big part of the class. The kids are taught what to say and how to react when a stranger tries to grab their arm. This is a big marketing tool as it speaks to the parents wanting to make sure Johnny or Suzy can protect themselves from strangers. Part of the challenge is a parents meeting with Mr “Geno” Guevara. He’s going to try and figure out what the problem is with Johnny or Suzy and then explain how martial arts can help fix it. He’ll try very hard to be sincere, but keep in mind, he’s a salesman working to turn an intro into a contract. Then he’s going to draw a belt, with 3 stripes on each side and explain again the physical and the personal development that’s needed to be successful in martial arts and in life. He’s going to tell you that to sign up, there’s a $250 membership fee the monthly tuition ranges from $139 to $199. Then he’ll tell you that if you sign up today, he’ll take off $100 from the membership fee. What he doesn’t tell you at this point is that every time Johnny or Suzy tests for a new belt, you are paying $50 or more on top of the monthly tuition. He’ll also forget to tell you about the required gear that must be purchased from them, another couple hundred. Finally, we’re at graduation day. This is where Johnny or Suzy with their white belt, 3 black stripes and 3 colored stripes are going to test for a gold belt (camouflage with a yellow stripe, $7.99 from Century). They do jumping jacks, they make an X with their arm and they defend against a padded foam stick attack. The kids love it and are very proud of their accomplishment. Now, hopefully as a good parent, you see the joy in Johnny or Suzy’s eyes and sign that contract.”

Thank you for your feedback and will look at ways to to improve. Yes our start up process is exactly this. We give a away 3 weeks (120 value ) and require a uniform. Most kids want to train in a martial arts uniform when doing martial arts. We give 50 dollars in gifts before you start the challenge because we like to give. Not sure what you meant by not qualified to teach karate? Mr Guevara has 30 years teaching experience and Mr Gonzalez has 5 years. All our 4-6 year old students can earn their white belt after the second to third class for demonstrating 10 seconds of discipline. Getting a child to stand still without moving is a big accomplishement. Your son earned his belt on the second class because he was doing well and earned it. One of the best in the class. We teach 9 basic moves in our 3 week challenge and repeat the curriculum every class for retention and teach one basic self defense. Not sure why that is wrong? We give a $100 discount for joining and let parents know this. Is giving a discount for joining instead of paying regular price wrong in today’s society? We do set up an appointment to learn about the student before they join. Since we offer a personalized plan for each individual student we have to learn about the child. We think we are doing students a disservice by just putting them in class without learning about them. Can you recall the discipline and respect your son showed towards us on the mat was nothing how he was treating you at home? He was a different child on the mat and you were shocked at what we could accomplish. You came to us because nothing was working at home. Don’t you think a good instructor needs this information to get the child to understand that martial arts isn’t just about what you learn on the mat but how you treat your parents? Maybe just maybe we care so much that you weren’t expecting us to go so deep to help your son and it shocked you. After 30 days students start doing heavy bag work and for there safety, we require gloves. Students get hurt when they hit bags without gloves. Not sure if you’ve ever hit a bag repeatedly without gloves but you would want them. 90 Days Into bag work we let kids make light contact with other students. Of course they are going to need gear to spar. Would you let your child spar without gear? We let every parent know what to expect as far as training equipment. If you dont join there is no need to explain our testing procedures and when students need sparring gear which is why I didn’t tell you. This is where you probably got confused. Oh by the way, your graduation was included in the challenge. You can cancel at anytime if you join our membership. Not sure why that is an issue. Kids love it because it works, parents love it because they see results just like your child did, and we guarantee it works as well. After almost $250 in gifts we give for becoming a student, a 30 day money back guarantee in case you change your mind, a membership that you can cancel at any time, affordable tuition of 139, along with multiple options for those that want more training, I believe and stand on the fact that this is a good way to do business. As a matter of fact their aren’t many businesses willing to do this. We are proud of how we do business. For whatever reason it seems like it was not a good fit for you and that’s ok.