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5 Tips For Increasing Your Child’s Self-Esteem With Martial Arts

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Self-Esteem plays a major role in how your child develops socially.

If you want to prepare your child for school and all the ups and downs that kids face then building there self-esteem is a necessity.

Geno Guevara here,

The development of high levels of self-esteem is critically important to your child’s future success!

Here at Alamo Ranch Martial Arts we take the job of helping you and your child very seriously.

Please enjoy the following tips on what you can do to help ensure your child’s self-esteem is kicking at a high level.

1) Teach positive self-statements. It is important for parents to redirect their child’s inaccurate or negative beliefs about themselves. This will help you teach your child how to think in positive ways. Take quick action when you hear your child saying or expressing feelings of “being no good” and help the re-phrase and re-think their assessment of themselves.

2) Be generous with praise. Parents must develop the habit of looking for situations in which children are giving their best effort, displaying talents, or demonstrating positive character traits. Remember to praise children for jobs well done and for the effort they put out. It is easy to fall into the trap of being overly critical. But constantly being the critic is not for a positive parent.

3) Avoid criticism that takes the form of ridicule or shame. Blame and negative judgments are at the core of poor self-esteem and can lead to emotional disorders. If you must criticize (and sometimes you will) be sure you are criticizing the performance not the performer! Also use this time to impart valuable wisdom onto your child which they can use in the future!

4) Show your child that you can laugh at yourself. Show them that life doesn’t need to be serious all the time. Especially when it comes to teasing let them know that some teasing is all in fun. Your sense of humor is important for their well-being. If you can laugh at yourself- they’ll have no problems laughing at themselves.

5) Teach children about decision making and to recognize when they have made good decisions. Let them “own” their problems. If they solve them, they gain confidence in themselves. If you solve them, they’ll remain dependent on you. Take the time to answer questions and help your child think through the situation. Explain to them what the consequences of their decision will be.






6 Ways Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Deal With Bullies When They Go Back To School

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Looking For Ways Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Deal With Bullies in School?

Has your child ever had difficulty with school? When I say “school”, I don’t just mean grades but, but also socially. When kids struggle to cope with the demands of school, they sometimes end up getting so unmotivated that they don’t want to go anymore.  Hence, their performance and grades suffer.

What are some ways to help kids who struggle with this? As an expert in martial arts who specializes in kids I am always going to suggest signing him/her up for martial arts classes.

Yes he will get in great shape!

Yes he will have a blast in class!

More importantly, martial arts can actually improve their performance in school!

Want to know how? Then read on.

Has your child ever had difficulty with school? When I say “school”, I don’t just mean grades but, but also socially. When kids struggle to cope with the demands of school, they sometimes end up getting so unmotivated that they don’t want to go anymore.  Hence, their performance and grades suffer.

Here are 6 Ways Martial Arts Can Boost Your Child’s Performance in School With Martial Arts:

1) They Learn How To Deal With Bullies

In a perfect world your child would never have to deal with bullies and school would be a safe place for your kids to learn and grow, it isn’t always that way. The truth is that bullying exists – and in fact, it’s on the rise.

The hardest part to accept for parents is that you can’t be by their side at school if they are getting picked on.

The good news…..

Martial arts will teach your child the skills to speak up for themselves and if necessary to defend themselves in such situations. The more they train in how to deal with bullies the better there learn how to deal with bullies when confronted.  Don’t worry, martial arts has always been all about peace, so your kids will pick up non-violent conflict resolution skills in their training, and stay out of trouble.

 2) They Learn That Hard Work Really Does Work

When your kids start training martial arts, they’ll notice that they can’t make progress without giving 100%.  Nothing is given, everything must be earned.

It’s not uncommon for kids to ask to get there black belt the first couple of classes because they think it’s easy.   Eventually they learn that they have to put in the time and effort.  Work for it.

After all, it takes a great deal of dedication and hard work to improve as a martial artist. From their training, they’ll understand that there are no shortcuts to success in martial arts, school, or life in general. Hence, they’ll be willing to put in effort so as to see results, or achieve their goals. 

3) Martial Arts Increases Discipline

Discipline is essential for every martial artist’s success and success in life.  Students who attend classes regularly and keep to their training schedules are the ones who perform better just like the students who show up to class in school everyday.

By letting your kids train martial arts, they’ll develop discipline – especially if they want to make good progress. Hence, they’ll make it a habit to get to class.  The discipline of showing up to class is the same discipline needed to show up to class in school everday.  School performance and class attendance go hand in hand.  

4) They Will Learn How To Overcome Adversity

As much as we hate it, failure is inevitable, and we all have to deal with it at some point in life. Unfortunately, sometimes kids struggle to get over failure, and beat themselves up for a long time – or worse, blame anything and everything else for their shortcomings instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

However, this wouldn’t be the case if your kids train martial arts. This is because they’ll learn to embrace failure and treat it as a stepping stone to success. Besides that, they’ll focus on what they’re doing wrongly so as to correct it, and ultimately improve.

Mental toughness is not only important for school, but for day-to-day life as well. When your kids gain mental toughness, they will be bold individuals who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

5) They Will Learn How To Focus There Energy In A Positive Direction

Some kids have difficulties concentrating in class and become distracted very easily.  Ufortunately, when this happens, they may not pay attention to the material and thus struggle with learning the concepts being presented. 

Although you can’t force your child to like every subject and pay attention in every class, you can let him/her learn to be focused via martial arts. During training sessions, kids will have to pay close attention to their instructors in order to make sense of the techniques they’re learning. Hence, this is how your kids will pick up the ability to tune everything out (except what they’re focusing on, of course).

6) Students Will Develop More Confidence 

When students improve as martial artists, they’ll gain confidence in not only their abilities, but also themselves. Their confidence will help them speak up and get along with everyone and make friends more easily, without worrying about fitting in. After all, they can embrace themselves for who they are.

Are you now convinced that martial arts would help boost your child’s performance in school and deal with bullies? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Click the link below and reserve your spot today!

5 Back to School Martial Arts Exercises For The Best Year!

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Are you ready for back-to-school?

Is your child ready this year?

Back to school is around the corner and use these simple tips to make this the best year ever.

Hey Mr. G here,

I know it’s early for back to school talk but there are always a few early bird parents that like to start preparing themselves and there kids for school already.

Most schools have meet the teacher in a couple of weeks so don’t forget to put that on your calendar. 

Most schools have their front office open in case you have any questions. 

One of the biggest fears of kids is going back to school.

As a martial arts instructor who works with kids, this really makes me sad. So here are some things that you as the parent can do at home to send your child back to school with confidence!

1. Introductions – Younger children should learn how to properly introduce themselves to teachers as well as other kids. Practice with your child how to do a proper handshake and say “Hi my name is _________. Nice to meet you.” This seems silly, but it is a much needed skill. For older kids, make sure they have the confidence to make eye contact as they introduce themselves to people. You can even challenge your kids to introduce themselves to people when you are out this summer!

2. What do you do game – Reminding yourself to be positive is hard! This exercise helps to build into your child’s brain that if something doesn’t go their way, to stay positive.

Sit your child down and explain that to them and ask them the following as well as similar questions:
Q: What happens if you don’t get the teacher you want?
A: I will stay positive.

Q: What if your friends aren’t in your class? A: I will stay positive.

Q: What if you make a mistake in school? A: I will stay positive.

Q: What if you struggle a little with math this year? A: I will stay positive.

The point is to teach them that being positive will help them solve more problems than being upset. Through the whole process of getting them prepped for school, keep asking them questions where they can respond with “I will stay positive.”

3. School Supplies – Kids today tend to have little knowledge about how much money goes into their education. Estimate how much that they should need to get school supplies and give them that money in cash. Let them, with your help depending on age, get everything they need on their back to school list. This helps to teach them budgeting and also gratefulness for what they have!

4. New friends now – It would be great to get your kids around other children their age. Get them involved in something like Martial Arts where they can keep building confidence and also meet other kids who may be in their new class this Fall!

5. Bullying – It is so important to talk to kids abut bullying. We want to start by letting them know that it is not OK want you that they bully anyone on purpose or on accident. Explain to them what bullying look like and why it is so bad.

The other important thing to make sure of, is that you have open communication so that they feel good about talking to you about bullies.

Tell them how important it is to not let others get bullied either, even if it means telling a teacher to verbally standing up for others.

The 5 Levels Of Teaching Martial Arts

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5 Levels Of Teaching Martial Arts I Went Through As An Instructor

Level 1-

When I first started teaching I believed the martial arts was about teaching students to kick higher, punch harder, and making sure that students could “place” in a tournament.  It was completely self-centered and ego driven. I based my success as an instructor on how many students could place in a tournament, who could win in a tournament, my own personal performance, and how many students I had.

Level 2

I then learned that it wasn’t about me but  how I could inspire the same passion in students. It was about how many students could stay and receive the honor of me wrapping a black belt around their waist. Even though this was growth as a instructor, it was still missing some pieces.

Level 3

I discovered the next evolution of my teaching was more successful because how I defined the mission, values, and purpose of the school. By defining why we’re here, who we are, what we stand for, how we get students there, I started to see more results like more confident students. This level magnetically attracted students and parents who believed in us and martial arts program that we offered.

Level 4-

The more students I taught the more I realized that each child was different and needed a personalized approach not just to the physical training, but, personal development. I needed a way to systematically and repeatedly give each student what they needed personally. This led to the creation of a 6 step system that offered a personalized and customized experience in both the physical and personal development. I call it  our 6 step Personal Development System. It had to work for the modern student and what they where struggling with in our modern society like bullying, instant gratification, entitlement, and the participation trophy mentality that crushes the very spirit needed for success.

Level 5

I consider this to be the highest level and the holy grail of what it means to be a master instructor. The ability to inspire students to take what is practiced on the mat –and put that work in the community, school, home, and in the world. The ability help others who can’t help themselves, be a part of a church community, graduate college, become agents of change in all areas of their lives.  How my students manifest the martial arts, in their lives off the mats has been the most exciting part of this journey

Easy… Nope….Worth It…Yes

This final evolution is what I committed to as an instructor because it is what brings me the most passion and allows me to put a small dent in the universe with my God given abilities.

The Summer Brain Drain

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he “Summer Brain Drain,” also known as the “Summer Slide,” is a parent’s worst nightmare.
It’s when your child’s months of hard work–hours upon hours of math homework, late nights working on science projects, and car rides spent quizzing history flashcards–all begin to slip away.
It’s a decay in learning, which then can have a domino effect on a child’s physical, emotional and social development.
Ever wonder how knowledge retention works? Here’s what we know.
Skills deteriorate over time at a rate determined by the specified task, predicted by the individual’s original level of learning.
Therefore, the method yielding the highest initial learning level will lead to the highest level of skill retention over time.
When summer break rolls around, learning takes a dramatic stop. In just a short amount of time the “Summer Brain Drain” begins and so begins the downward snowball in development areas.
The Problem: Children gain weight nearly twice as fast over the summer because they are snacking more often, many times out of boredom or lack of proper supervision. At the same time, many children are also less active over the summer because they sleep in longer, watch TV longer, play video games longer, etc. Although it may seem like they are more active over the summer, the lack of structure contributes to weight gain.
The Solution: Even just two days of structured physical activity, like martial arts, over the summer can have a dramatic positive effect on children’s physical activities at home. They will feel more energized and, therefore, more likely to engage in other physical activities throughout the summer.
The Problem: To be blunt, the “Summer Brain Drain” is what happens when kids spend the summer months without learning or practicing their skills, leading them to fall behind on measures of learning and academic achievements. During the school year teachers, assistants, and counselors are focused on helping children learn and grow. But what happens during the summer season when these people are not around? A decline in cognitive development.
The Solution: Child psychologists state that children who maintain some sense of a structured activity during the summer, like martial arts, do better in the initial months of the new academic school year. Martial Arts training through the summer reinforces a time commitment, necessity to practice, reminds students to follow through, and gives them the learning environment they need to reinforce the skills they’re learning, which in turn strengthens their retention of academic knowledge.
The Problem: When the school year ends, children lose a lot of key contributors that boost self-esteem…teachers, counselors, coaches, etc. This leads to less confidence entering the back to school season. Children that lose self-esteem over the summer enter the new school season with many fears associated with making new friends, meeting new teachers, and bullying.
The Solution: Structured martial arts classes provide a great environment for building children’s emotional development in a manner that is positive and productive, helping to ensure confidence, self-esteem, and emotional well-being.
The Problem: Children that do not have proper social development over the summer tend to misbehave when they enter the new school season. At the same time, children that do not have sufficient positive social interaction over the summer enter the new school season with more anxiety.
The Solution: Martial Arts classes include daily classroom activities that strengthen children’s emotional outlook. In fact, children that are more confident enter the new school season excited about all of the wonderful opportunities that schooling has to offer!
Many people have an image of summer being a carefree happy time where “kids can be kids,” and take for granted the benefits of enriching experiences from organized activities. Even just two times per week in a structured program can make a tremendous difference in a child’s intellectual development over the summer, which ultimately helps with their physical, emotional, and social development as well. Do your research and find a program provides these benefits in a manner that is also fun so that kids can still be kids and not lose that carefree and happy

Who We Are At Alamo Ranch Martial Arts?

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We developed Alamo Ranch  Martial Arts with the idea of rethinking the out-dated mentality that has plagued the martial arts industry for far too long.  This meant teaching differently, operating differently, and thinking outside the box.

Many times owners and martial artist think there style, there discipline, there way is the only way. This type of thinking and operating a school is ego-driven.

We believe and developed a program that sees the student as the hero of the story, not the style of martial arts.  Parents and students are coming to us with some type of internal, external, and philosophical dilemma (s).

This could be the external problem of being bullied, the internal problem of lack of confidence to speak up, and then the philosophical problem of “can I really defend myself?” These students are looking for guides, not a hero.

We believe that we are not the hero of the story and neither is the style we teach. Our students are seeking a guide with empathy and authority. Someone who truly understands, cares about, and has a genuine sincerity in there heart to understand these problems. Then the authority and competency to help them solve these problems. The guide then gives the students the tools to help them overcome these problems.

Our program is not about us, but about the student.   We’ve uncovered and gotten to a deep level of knowing what kids and parents are facing in today’s world. We then rewrote rulebook on what we believe and set a standard for what we expect.

These standards allow us to attract students and parents with those same values and beliefs system like hard work works, everything is earned, mindset matters, life is better in shape etc… We then introduce our tools (martial arts program) as a vehicle for solving these problems and then drill them so they become habits and turn ordinary students into the true life hero of their own story.

This way of operating our school has allowed us to be “change agents” in our city.  We believe that if our martial arts program can’t offer a transformational change to a large amount of students consistently, repeatedly, and over a long period of time then we are doing something wrong.


The Most Common Myth About Martial Arts

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Many times parents and even martial arts owners I have met believe that the mat is where personal growth happens for students.

This is where it starts, however, it is not where it ends.

Any good instructor can teach a student how to kick, punch, or defend themselves.Any instructor can teach a student to win competition, raise a trophy, or earn a belt.

This type of teaching is not enough.

In my opinion, the potential to change the world by building better students is our real purpose.It is when a student takes the discipline of respect off the mat and into the classroom, the store, with friends, with teachers, and makes it a basis of living, that we know we have been successful.

It is not just your child who will benefit from this type of living.It is our schools, their teachers, their friends, and our local community who need a, “force of good”.

When respect, discipline, healthy living, and a strong mindset become a part of a student’s life, a student becomes a role model of martial arts with his actions.

While I respect and admire instructors who compete for world titles, I have come to believe that making the world a better place is of more importance. As instructors, we have the potential to influence students to a higher level. 

We can teach students to role model strength, courage and discipline so our community can see it is not just about the “martial” but about the “art” of living a life that makes a difference, that means something, that makes the world a better place.

Why Does Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Charge $149-$210 a Month?

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I remember getting a question from a parent who asked “Why do you charge $149-210 dollars a month for classes?

I actually think this is a great question, it’s a question I get asked all the time.

Awhile back I would’ve have tried to justify the value by giving every reason in regards to the benefits of our program.  While this is true, and I still believe the benefits outweigh the cost (I am not the cheapest, nor most expensive), I had to think hard about why I charge what I charge.

I think this question is best answered by a parent who wrote this…..

One of my friends asked me.   “Why do you pay $149-250 a month for your kids to do Martial arts classes?”

“Well I have a confession to make, I don’t pay for my kids martial arts.  Personally, I couldn’t care less about Martial arts. So if I am not paying for Martial arts what am I paying for?

  1. I  pay for those moments when my kids become so tired they want to quit but don’t. 
  2. I pay for those days when my kids come home from school and are “too tired” to go the school but go anyway. 
  3. I pay for my kids to learn to be disciplined. 
  4. I pay for my kids to learn to work with others and to be good team mates. 
  5. I pay for my kids to learn to deal with disappointment, when they don’t get that belt they’d hoped for, but still have to work hard in the grading. 
  6. I pay for my kids learn to make and accomplish goals. 
  7. I pay for my kids to learn that it takes hours and hours and hours and hours of hard work and practice to create a black belt, and that success does not happen over night.
  8.  I pay for the opportunity my kids have and will have to make life-long friendships. 
  9. I pay so that my kids can be on the mats instead of in front of a screen…

I could go on but to be short, I don’t pay for Martial art classes I pay for the opportunities that martial arts provides my kids to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives and give them the opportunity to bless the lives of others. From what I have seen so far I think it is a great investment.”

I wonder if your are starting to realize just how powerful martial arts can be in your child’s life.