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Home Of the FREE 3 Week Martial Arts Character Transformation Martial Arts Challenge

We are the only martial arts school that believes so much in our program that we want to prove to you first that we can transform kids , before your child becomes a student.

We are not your normal martial arts school.

You heard that right.  it’s FREE.

Here’s how your child will succeed:

  • We will instill the “DISCIPLINE” in your child so they know when to use your martial arts and when to walk away.
  • We will develop the “”CONFIDENCE” in him so he knows when to speak up and how to say “NO”to peer pressure.
  • Will will show him how to have “BETTER LISTENING SKILLS” at home, school, and karate. 

That is how we transform kids, and is our guarantee.

Here’s the truth, I plan on using your child’s success story to market to my school and make money to feed my family. This is why you see parent and student success stories all over this page and plastering the walls of my school.

I want your child to have more confidence and discipline because if they do, they succeed, you succeed, and I succeed, which is a win-win-win for everyone. 

I will use all my expertise, knowledge, and resources to guarantee your child’s success, I just need you to follow the proven plan and put in the work.  

The martial arts classes are short, high energy, fun and jam packed with character development lessons and expert martial arts

training that will equip your child to be happy, safe, and successful. 

We know that every child is different and during your challenge will personalize our program specifically for your child.  I will be there to guide you and them every step of the way.

I know my system works.  I have seen hundreds of kids transform from followers to leaders, from weak to strong, from average to great, right before my eyes.  If your child does not improve then I know you didn’t follow my system.  If your not committed to his 3 week challenge, I don’t want want your business. 

This character transformation challenge creates a culture of hard work and achievement in students using traditional martial arts values and cutting edge character development.

Complete the application below to apply and start seeing results immediately. 

Apply at alamoranchmartialarts.com today!


  • I do not accept everyone who applies into this program because I am putting my reputation on the line.
  • I need to ensure that you are willing to meet the requirements and follow our instructions.  No exceptions.
  • If you are accepted, be ready to see some serious changes in your child.

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