4 Back to School Martial Arts Exercises To Make 2019 The Best Year Ever For Your Child

By August 7, 2019Latest News

One of the biggest fears of kids is going back to school.

As a martial arts instructor who works with kids, this really makes me sad. So here are some things that you as the parent can do at home to send your child back to school with confidence!

Introductions – Younger children should learn how to properly introduce themselves to teachers as well as other kids. Practice with your child how to do a proper handshake and say “Hi my name is _________. Nice to meet you.” This seems silly, but it is a much needed skill. For older kids, make sure they have the confidence to make eye contact as they introduce themselves to people. You can even challenge your kids to introduce themselves to people when you are out this summer!

What do you do game – Reminding yourself to be positive is hard! This exercise helps to build into your child’s brain that if something doesn’t go their way, to stay positive.

Sit your child down and explain that to them and ask them the following as well as similar questions:
Q: What happens if you don’t get the teacher you want?
A: I will stay positive.

Q: What if your friends aren’t in your class? A: I will stay positive.

Q: What if you make a mistake in school? A: I will stay positive.

Q: What if you struggle a little with math this year? A: I will stay positive.

The point is to teach them that being positive will help them solve more problems than being upset. Through the whole process of getting them prepped for school, keep asking them questions where they can respond with “I will stay positive.”

School Supplies – Kids today tend to have little knowledge about how much money goes into their education. Estimate how much that they should need to get school supplies and give them that money in cash. Let them, with your help depending on age, get everything they need on their back to school list. This helps to teach them budgeting and also gratefulness for what they have!

New friends now – It would be great to get your kids around other children their age. Get them involved in something like Martial Arts where they can keep building confidence and also meet other kids who may be in their new class this Fall!

Bullying – It is so important to talk to kids abut bullying. We want to start by letting them know that it is not OK want you that they bully anyone on purpose or on accident. Explain to them what bullying look like and why it is so bad.

Check out http:// www.stopbullying.gov/ for more tools. The other important thing to make sure of, is that you have open communication so that they feel good about talking to you about bullies.

Tell them how important it is to not let others get bullied either, even if it means telling a teacher to verbally standing up for others.


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