Alamo Ranch Martial Arts = Transformational Program


When parents come into our school, most are looking for or want more discipline, focus, or listening skills. 

I have never heard a parent ask me to teach them/their child how to punch harder or kick harder. 

In addition, most parents also have their kids in other sports like baseball, soccer, or gymnastics. 

What is interesting, is parents do not usually ask their baseball, soccer, or gymnastics teacher to build more discipline, respect, or focus. 

I believe that parents understand that martial arts is a transformational instructional sport. 

That martial arts has the ability to transform a student from the inside out. 

Because martial arts focuses on life skills first, sports skills second, it is more beneficial in building a strong foundation at an early age. 

The kind of parents we tend to attract are those looking to build and strengthen the values they are teaching at home. 

They understand that the values that they instill at a young age are the values that their kids will live by later on in life. 

These values, like respect, hard-work, focus, and discipline, are what really matter. 

They have the ability to transform lives. 

These life skills are what separate average from great. 

These life skills cannot be bought, only developed. 

Martial arts makes developing these like skills fun, while teaching kids the technical aspects of martial arts as well. 

It is not just a sport, but a transformational sport.

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