Kids Weapon Of Mass Destruction

4 Weapons of Mass Distraction For Today’s Martial Arts Students.

We love them, kids are depending on them, and they are not going away .. ..

Digital Devices. 

Does your child have a telephone, tablet, or gaming systems that they are hooked on?  

What is even more interesting is that these devices are integrating into the school system. 

Scientists from the MIT Department conducted a recent study on performance with kids who had electrical devices in the classroom and those without electrical devices. 

The results were statistically significant, students who had no in-class access, consistently out performed students with electrical devices. 

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, author of Glow Kids, is doing come interesting studies called, screen digital drugs. 

Have your children gotten addicted to a video screen? 

I am not against digital devices, I am against kids living their life online, without exercise, or restraint.

We believe that life is better  in shape. 

You cannot get in shape living a life that is on-screen. 

We strive to offer an alternative to this on-screen trend. 

A way for students to build life skills that help students become better versions of themselves. 

The type of skills that develop discipline, confidence, and respect, Old School Values. 

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