7 Steps To Finding The Right Martial Arts School


Most parents know that martial arts can be a great influence on their kids. 

No one goes to a soccer coach and specifically asks them to build confidence, teach them respect or work on their listening skills. 

But they do walk into a Karate school and demand it. 

With so many options, it can get confusing for parents. 

With that being said, almost all karate schools catering toward will say they can develop skills like:

– Confidence

– Discipline

– Respect, etc……

If everyone promises the same thing, how do you choose which one is best for your child?

As a parent, I can only tell you what I found works best. 

Allow them to make their own choice. 

Let me choose what activity they want to do but make sure they try it for a minimum of 6 months to see if it is right for them. 

They can try something else but have to stick to it for 6 months at a minimum. 

This way, they know even if it gets hard, they still have to finish what they start.  Another question to ask is

So back to looking for a school, I would follow this formula:  Ask the following:

1.  Referrals

2.  Google Search

3.  Read Reviews – Google/Yelp/FB

4.  Visit Site/FB Page/Blog

5.  Look For Outcomes – Evidence Based Testimony

6.  Call/Visit and Narrow 2 or 3

7.  Try and Visit

If you still cannot decide, the next question is usually what makes a great martial arts school if everyone claims they have the best program?

The hub of the martial arts experience and a success always comes down to the instructor. 

Does he have empathy to truly get to know your child, the authority and competency to teach how your child learns, and the ability to motivate and inspire to higher levels?   

This can only be done by highly trained professionals who can deliver this outcome. 

An empathetic, entertaining Black Belt instructor. 

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