Alamo Ranch Karate- A Training Philosophy

By June 9, 2019Latest News

Our training philosophy in a paragraph.

What we try to do is find and attract parents and students who need help with relevant issues that are affecting our kids of today.

This could be bullying, over-consumption, lack of exercise, discipline issues, etc….

We then try to uncover specifically what internal problem that your child is dealing with. Is it lack of confidence to speak up and say “No” to peer pressure.

Maybe it’s the lack of discipline because your child is not listening or being disrespectful which leads to talking back.

Once we figure out the internal problem we then address the external problem.

We design drills around showing students exactly how to show discipline, how to focus their energy in a positive direction, how to become a first time listener by rewarding them for making positive choices at home, school, and karate.

We then introduce the physical training part of our program.

We believe life is better in shape and want to make exercise and self-defense a fun and exciting part of our student’s lives.

We  see ourselves as guides with the authority and competency to introduce our martial arts program as the solution to your childs issues.

The biggest question that most students and parents have is “does my child have what it takes to overcome these challenges?”

With the right guide and the right plan most students will go on a personal development journey where they find that the answer has been inside all along, they just needed a guide and tools to help them discover this strength.

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