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I’m a huge fan of martial arts… All types…

I believe there is a big difference between being a good martial artists and being able to teach.

A good martial arts can execute a technique well.

A great instructor goes deeper and seeks to cause change within his students. He strengthens not only technique, but strives to develop the inner man, strengthen the mind, and develop the body.

A great instructor seeks to change students beyond just the mat or the four walls of a school. Here are a few qualities I believe make a great instructor:

1. Add Emotion To Instruction-

Students want to know you care. The more genuine and emotion you can create the more alive a class becomes.

2. Communicate How Students Learn-

Students learn differently, some need a soft-spoken instructor, some learn with visuals, or visualization. A great instructor knows how to connect on a deep emotional level with each individual student.

3. Build Trust-

Trust in general is important, but with students and parents it’s key. Students and parents only become vulnerable when trust and honesty come from the instructor first.

4. Set High Standards

Students will rise to the level of standards a instructor sets for them. Our society feels lowering standards helpsbuild confidence. We believe confidence comes from setting high standards and learning to overcome them.

5. Know Your Students-

A great instructor will spend time to get to know each student and build on there strengths.

6. Foster Accountability-

This quality points to something greater. A great instructor owns the right to help students fall in love martialarts once they choose us above all others. This comes from goal setting, personalized program design, and reinforcing small changes that develop positive habits.

7. Be On Fire And Bring The “A” Game-

Are students motivated just to see you? Light a students fire with your fire. The “A” game is contagious and students will catch it just to get your approval.

Being a great instructor meansyou get to leave a legacy for students, make a dent in universe by creating great students. The ability to change lives through martial arts can change the world.

Will I be remembered by students 10,20,30 years later as a great martial artist or a great teacher?

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