Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Origin Story

Our origin story at Alamo Ranch Martial Arts started with a unique idea.

We believe and developed a program that sees the student as the hero of the story, not the style of martial arts we teach. (This is why you see success stories plastering our walls)

Parents came to me with an internal, external, and philosophical problem (s) their kid was experiencing in life. (The real enemy of a martial artist)

Some it was, the external problem of being bullied, the internal problem of lack of confidence to speak up to a bully, and then the philosophical problem of “can I really defend myself?” (We use our 6 step character development system to address all 3 problems)

Students and parents where looking for guides with the competency, authority, and empathy to help their children overcome all three problems. 

They wanted someone who truly understands, cares about, and has a genuine sincerity in their heart to understand their child. (We use our weekly accountability whiteboard for each student)

Our program is not about us, but about the student.

We uncover and get to a deep level of knowing what kids and parents are facing in today’s world. (We do this in the both parent discovery session)

We then rewrote rulebook on what we believe and set a standard for what we expect. (We do this with our respect effect)

We introduce our tools (3 Week Martial Arts Challenge) as a vehicle for solving these problems and then drill them so they become habits and turn ordinary students into the true life hero of their own story. (Transformation Success Stories)

We believe that if we can’t offer a transformational change in 3 weeks to a large amount of students consistently, repeatedly, and over a long period of time, we are doing something wrong. (We guarantee a transformation if you follow our process)

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