An Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Guide-

What is a blackbelt guide?

Hey, Geno Guevara here,

If you notice, the title I use “guide” instead of blackbelt Instructor. 

You might think that they are the same, but I know there is a difference. 

My biggest shift came when I discovered that a “guide” not only has walked the path, but truly cares, and has the authority to help the student make a profound and lasting shift in their lives. 

An Instructor teaches the technical skills for a stated goal or objective. 

I have seen way too many times students who limit what they can do or accomplish. 

They believe limitations are “realistic goals” or practical.  Most never realize what they are capable of because of this type of teaching. 

A guide is different. 

They see what can be and challenge students to think bigger. 

They help the student open to a new realm of possibilities.

What I notice about “guides” is that they have a few commonalities. 

Major shifts in teaching, they view it as a calling and have a “code” which transcends just teaching. 

A personal view that their job is more than just teaching, it is about impact and making a difference in the world. 

They see students as the “true” heroes in life and provide the tools and training for students to overcome their personal battles in the world.

Ultimately, these guides know they cannot fight the battle for students, only guide them to uncover the power within. 

It is a shame for anyone to grow up without ever seeing strength and power they are capable of from within. 

A guide can walk the path with them, they just can’t walk the path for them.

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