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By May 19, 2019Latest News

 You only find true happiness in life on the edge of Crazy Town.

This is where I visit once in a while to see if I am still alive. 

It’s why I offer a FREE 3 week martial arts challenge to transform your child and ask only for pictures of your child’s picture to help market my school. CRAZY IDEA #1


Entering Crazy Town is a difficult thing, and most are rejected. Most people thought I was crazy for opening up a school as a career, and even more when I decided to offer a 3 week challenge to transform your child before ever coming a student. CRAZY IDEA #2

The safe, the secure, the timid; the ones who fear risk, but thrive on moderation, stability and steadiness, never accomplish much of importance in life and never for a day find the entrance to Crazy Town, because you would have to check all that sensibility at the border.

Anything good in life can only happen if you temporarily go out of your mind and become obsessed, possessed and a total mess; all the requisites for your passport into a place where you trade it all for just a few days or weeks chasing the most deeply buried of your potential in life.

The deepest loves, the most brilliant books, the greatest mind shifts, the legendary businesses, the art that makes us cry, the music that makes us dance and the beauty that touches our souls is always created by temporary residents of this mythical place. Living here even for a few hours means we have to declare screaming to the universe this is what I want, and I want it now and it will be a work of art for the centuries.

We want to create in life, but we are never willing to commit our very soul to get it done. When it comes to the put up or shut up point, we flinch and retreat to the safety of being happily mediocre, safe and secure in a past that is forever repeated in our present.

Crazy Town is about finding something you want so badly you are all in, without hesitation, without reservation, without a fear for even a second that what you want won’t work out.  My crazy town is saying give me 3 weeks to transform your child with our martial arts challenge.

We all have dreams, but so many let those dreams fade away with the years.

We all have greatness within our souls, but we fail to ignite because the average in our life overcomes the exceptional.

The question in Crazy Town isn’t if you are crazy, the question is, are you crazy enough to live your dreams?

See you on mat in Crazy town,

Mr. Guevara

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