Do you struggle with any of these as a parent?

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I was teaching some fairly new students the other day and had a very interesting mix in class.  What I tell parents is each child is different.  They learn different, get motivated different and of course, are coming to me for very different needs.

THE CRYER – This student is afraid to try class.  His parents say he wants to come but when he walks into the school, he cries.  He cries the whole class but still participates.  This tells me he wants to be there but is afraid and very emotional.  My primary focus would be “confidence” and the idea that it is o.k. to cry but we do not give up. 

THE JUMPER – This student is so excited and has so much energy that they cannot stand still.  They just jump like a bunny in line.  However, this can be a distraction for the rest of the class.  There are two approaches I would take but would need more time to evaluate the child.  Either working on “self control” or teaching them how to “focus” the energy in a positive direction. 

THE TALKER – This student likes to talk.  They believe they can blurt out an answer, talk when they want, or interrupt.  This student probably gets in trouble at school for the same reason.  This approach, I would take would be “respect”.  Reinforcing that it is O.K. to talk and we want to hear, you just have to raise your hand out of respect. 

THE SPOILED – This student threw a temper tantrum after class.  She loved the class so much, she did not want it to end.  She cried and made a scene because she wanted to stay.  Even though I am glad she loved class, her behavior afterwards was the problem.  My focus would be reinforcing what you do on the mat is just as important as what you do at home. 

As you can see, a class can have different students with different needs.  This is why it is important to have a professional well trained instructor.  We call them empathetic black belt guides.  We want blackbelts (authority) who have competency and empathy to truly understand your child. 

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