Family Chores Part Of Martial Arts Training? Yes!!


    YES, chores (family contributions) build character.  Since character building is what we focus on at  Alamo Ranch Martial Arts, we believe in reinforcing chore duties for kids.

    It takes a team (family) to keep a household running. 

Kids will learn teamwork and more importantly, the idea that everyone has something to contribute. 

The problem for busy parents sometimes is that it is easier to do it themselves than to discipline kids to do it. 

However, by taking the short-cut of doing chores for kids, you are robbing them of a sense of belonging and significance by doing chores. 

In addition, by making chores mandatory, you will instill a level of cleanliness, organization, and self sufficiency. 

Are you going to get moans, whining, and tears? 

Almost certainly, however, just because they are not happy about it does not mean you are wrong nor does it mean they do not have to do chores. 

    This is why family chores = martial arts training.   

We actually have a pretty cool way of reinforcing chores in a our 3 week martial arts challenge.

It’s called our Bingo Card.

Parents put this bingo card on the fridge and students get a chance to mark off chores to win a prize.

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