Habits Of Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Instructors


As an instructor, coach, and guide, we believe our role to be a part of our students’ journey. 

This means allowing the student to take charge of their own journey. 

We cannot be there when peer pressure comes, we cannot be there when they have to choose to stand-up for themselves and others, we cannot be there when they have to do the right thing when others are doing the opposite.  

Giving students the ability to take responsibility for their own choices allows for moments of self-discovery, growth, and personal development. 

This is the First Habit, viewing ourselves as a guide, not a dictator. 

The Second Habit is helping students see that there are no short-cuts.  No student can avoid the fundamentals of training in martial arts. 

This starts with earning trust.  Trust between instructor and student. 

The Third Habit is being empathetic. 

Truly understanding the individual needs of the student. 

This starts with finding out how a student learns, what motivates them, and how to inspire them.  Recognizing the individual needs of each student and leading them on a personalized journey for them. 

At the end of the day, every student wants to feel respected, loved, recognized for accomplishments, and understood. The Fourth Habit is goal-setting for students. 

The ability to break down goals into small measurable steps becomes a plan. A Guide is what separates the amateur instructor from the professional. 

Being a professional instructor requires mastery of basic martial arts     and understood the physiology of motivation and performance. 

That is just my opinion, though. 


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