How To Buy A Martial Arts Program

By July 2, 2019Latest News

Hey Mr. G here,

I want to share with you exactly how I market and promote  Alamo Ranch Martial Arts to parents in San Antonio.


Are wondering why am I sharing how I attract students to Alamo Ranch Martial Arts?

Here’s my answer…. It’s about being authentic and transparent.

Marketing Alamo Ranch Martial Arts is largely about two things…

  1. What benefit could I provide to the person I wanted to serve.
  2. Our unique story.

I approach recruiting new students around these two simple concepts…and the results were nothing short of astounding.

…it’s a pretty magical combination.

But if you look at what goes on in martial arts school…it’s pretty much the opposite of that.

Most schools try selling features like price, program length, time slots and the such.

Going a step further…the typical martial arts school doesn’t really think much about the parents values and what’s best for the child at all.

We want them to do what’s convenient for us.

To join the moment an offer is made on a long term contract

To fit an already busy schedule around our class schedule, timeline and approach.

Most schools ask parents to rearrange their world, pay in advance of results……

Oh…and make them feel guilty for missing classes here or there, rather than celebrating the 100+ times they do come to class.

Now, I’m not saying that’s wrong…it’s no wonder we’re not making much of a dent in changing our community with martial arts.

Then, as for that second part…sharing a unique story…most schools try to sell you that a certain martial arts style is a better.

Personally, I love when I get on a call with a parent who says they’ve been thinking about joining and seen our reviews and success from current students before they reach out to me.

If they still want to get on a call with me at that point…they have a really good feel for me, how I think, teach, and really what I’m about.

My values, my approach…

Which person do you think is more qualified? More likely to be a fit for us?

I tried to think about the entire student  journey…from the parent and child’s perspective.

I thought about how I like to make a purchase and what decision process I go through.…how do I make decisions?

Especially when I’m not an expert in the thing I’m  purchasing.

We’ve all got our own self-interests in mind in those situations and we all have ways we go from being initially interested to making a purchase or commitment.

We want to feel informed and knowledgeable.

We want confidence that we’re making the right choice. We want to have trust in who we’re buying from.

We want to know things fit into budgets and schedules.

So, I had to think about what’s going through parents head?

They want to their kids to be happy and safe, feel better about themselves just like I want for my own kids.

They understand how valuable a strong foundation in a child’s future success, just like I do.

Parents want these without pain, discomfort & embarrassment for them or their child, just like I do.

But what else is going through their head?

How about things like…

  • My child has failed in sports before…why will this be different?
  • I won’t know anyone there neither will they?
  • Everyone is already ahead of my child…the thought of them as a  beginner and looking foolish is terrifying for my child?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Am I going to commit to some long-term contract and my child will want out of it in a couple weeks?
  • I don’t want any part of being treated like my child is joining “cobra kai” othe Army and having someone yelling at my child.
  • How am I going to fit this in during the evenings?
  • How am I going to fit this in after school with sports, homework & dinner?

See, I’m guessing, just based on my study of people, that most parents want the benefits of martial arts…but they don’t want to go through a process they hate.

I decided I needed to see things from their perspective and meet them there.

But then, I needed  to overcome all those things in their head telling them they can’t or shouldn’t let their kid’s join martial arts…and that’s more than just signing up for a paid trial and getting a free uniform.

I felt is was more powerful to let current students share their stories about us,  rather than me promoting the school myself.

…Finally, sharing our unique story so they see us as the school to help them along the way.

I’m sure you’ve heard it many times…but people buy people.

They buy people they like, trust and feel can help them achieve their goals.

If I didn’t share my personality, our story and what makes us different…then we would be just like everyone else. Do what everyone else is doing.

Sure,  parents do may buy based on price or convenience…but those are the parents who usually quit for cheaper tuition…parents who aren’t really connected to me, the community, the school as a whole, our message.

But imagine seeing parents on social media talking about us for me, reading my weekly posts about martial arts, and watching our videos a few times a week sharing tips, answering questions and really just being myself…wouldn’t you feel like you knew me a little?

Wouldn’t that inspire trust?

Sharing case studies of parents just like you who have and continue to train with us …actual stories and reviews.

Wouldn’t someone get a  better feel for the school and would you want to be part of that type of community?

Wouldn’t sharing my position, thoughts, opinions and insights be a way better way of pre-qualifying parents to see if we are a good fit before they join?

Let me try to pull this all together.

I know that for me, the best way I’ve found to achieve success…as a an instructor…is to attract parents and students who share my values as a parent myself.

Heck, I still talk to students who trained with me 10 years ago…because it wasn’t a transactional relationship.

Now I’m not going to tell you this is the easiest way to market my school…it’s not.

It’s just the best.

Easy is just cloning what everyone else does.

But being upfront…and daring to be different and putting myself out there means the rewards on the back-end are massive. I get the privilege of working with students and parents who believe in what I’m doing.

So, here’s the simplified plan:

  1. Think about ‘what’s in it for the parents and kids  every step of the way.
  2. Give them something valuable to them to start the relationship.
  3. Consistently follow up and appeal to their values, but do it by being me.

You’ll be amazed at how well this has worked for me. The wrong fits will just stop paying attention while the right fits are magnetically attracted to my school.

Parents and your students don’t need me  to be another imitation of every other school out there…they need me to be me and bring value to there kids life.

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