Research Says This Is How You Should Encourage Kids In Sports.

Based on psychological research, the three healthiest statements moms and dads can make as kids do martial arts …

Before the class: 

Have fun.

Play hard.

I love you.

After the class:

Did you have fun?

I’m proud of you.

I love you.

It gets even better. Researchers Bruce Brown and Rob Miller asked college athletes what their parents said that made them feel great and brought them joy when they played sports. Want to know the six words they most want to hear their parents say?

“I love to watch you do martial arts.”

That’s it. Nothing aggrandizing like “you’re an all-star,” and nothing discouraging like “here are a couple of things I noticed that you can work on.” Just “I love to watch you do martial arts.”

See you on the mat,

Mr. G

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