Is Martial Arts Good For Single Parents?



This message is for my single mothers out there.

Keep pushing…..

52% of marriages end in divorce.  More and more single mothers are sitting across from my table when they want to sign up for classes.

As you know, I like to sit across from the table and get to know my students and parents first before anyone can sign up with me. The last three conferences in row I’ve had were single mothers…..

If you thought raising a child was tough, imagine doing it alone…. That’s hard…..

One thing in common is that not only did all these mothers have a full-time job, they were all continuing their education while raising a child.  All three were going to graduate school and living on a single income.   

They have to be nurturing Mom and the disciplinarian at the same time, one person with two roles.

All three come home exhausted from work and they last thing they want to do is “yell” at there kids for not listening.

Many times they felt under appreciated for the tremendous sacrifice they have to make.

One had help from grandma but grandma let’s them get away with everything and makes disciplining the child even harder.  This usually creates conflict between grandma and mom…. Sound familiar single mom’s???

Their entire life revolves around trying to give there kids the good life and don’t get the recognition they deserve. 

Exhausted…..Tired…..Worn-out….. They keep going…. They push on……

What many of my students don’t realize is I too am a single parent.   My daughter came to live with me full-time when she was 5 years old.  Here I was a young man in his early 20’s with no parenting skills whatsoever thrust into being a full-time parent….

Was it hard… Yes! ….Still is….

Worth it?   ……………Priceless and wouldn’t change it for the world.

You see I got to see and develop a relationship with my daughter that is truly amazing…(She might not think so if you asked her)

Even though we have our rough days…. She knows Daddy loves her…..

I get to hold her when she is sick or has a nightmare… I get to kiss her every morning and say “I love you”….  I get to kiss her to bed every night. 

I’ve discovered that life is short and savoring the special moments are more important to me now than ever before. 

The only way to do this is to be present and be there for my kids

To all my single parents on facebook and online you are a special breed….And the world is a better place because of parents like you……

See you on the mat,

Mr. Guevara

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