Is Your Child A Gamer? If so…Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Could Be The “New” Game

Video games are not bad . . . . but they can be dangerous.

You may not know but 61% of kids play video games everyday.And according to a California State University study, the average pre-teen spends 3 hours per day playing.The problem with video games is they are designed to be addictive in nature.There are real psychological principles behind game designs to keep players “hooked” on the game.

This is why adults can play for hours as well.

The games are good that they make other activities seem boring, such as physical activities, school, or family time.In other words, game designers make playing on-line more fun than playing off-line.In addition, kids can get lost in the game and play for hours, without even realizing it.

The danger is that kids can start to live solitary, sedentary, an on-screen childhoods.

That is why getting kids involved in a safe, but more importantly, fun activity that involves exercise, sweat, and training, is important.Martial Arts offers a unique alternative to video games.

One thing I have noticed about “kid gamers” is they do not like many outdoor activities, which, in turn, limits their options. Martial Arts can provide “gamers” a fun, indoor exercise alternative to video games.

In addition, gamification is built into our ranking system.  Kids get recognition with new belt ranks for meeting requirements and have a new goal to look forward too.

This is why “Martial Arts” can become a gamers “New Game”

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