Martial Arts Is A Screen Free Activity- Here’s how


Five out of five parents of kids 10 years and younger stressed the importance of childhood play and a concern that TV, computers, iPads and cell phones can distract kids from healthy activities.  


A study by Common Sense Media, indicates that the average 5-8 year old gets 2 hours and 21 minutes of screen time per day. 

So what do parents do? 

They aggressively limit screen time but many never stay the course. 

I suggest making little habit changes and activities that do not involve screens. 

No telephone at the dinner table.  “screen free” zones in the room before bed. 

Get them involved in activities like baseball, soccer, or martial arts. 

Let them experience the joy that life is better “in shape” than “on screen”. 

Many times parents hear the words, “I am bored”. 

We hear it from parents who want to cancel a membership. 

Even though we take responsibility for motivating, inspiring, and teaching fun classes, the discipline of commitment will be boring at times. 

However, as parents, it is our responsibility to explain that it is o.k. to be bored. 

I believe there are certain factors that can contribute to kids getting bored easily.  

  1. Using Technology To Babysit –  Even though this type of babysitting might be easy for the parent and inexpensive, the long term cost to your child is much higher.  Think about it, what is more fun for a child, constant stimulation with a gamification, loud sounds and special effects such as what is on screen, OR, everyday life?  
  2. The Endless Fun Illusion – Many parents believe that there should be no dull moments.  The moment there is silence, we feel the need to entertain, because then we are not being a good parent.  There is fun or it is boring.  Why are they not helping with laundry, dishes, or the year?  Research shows that work ethic is positively related to success later in life.  

I get it, you are busy, so giving kids electronics makes them busy too. 

Do not allow technology ro replace exercise, outside play, or quiet time. 

The ipad, tablet, or mobile phone is not a babysitter for your child.  

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