Sometimes the problem isn’t kids, sometimes it’s the parents…


Would you agree that our American families are facing a crisis of authority, the majority are overweight, out of shape mentally and suffering because of it?  

Let me give you an example. 

Most kids from 8 years old and up have phones in their bedrooms. 

Ever walked in and they were up past their bedtime on their phone? 

Who allowed that to happen? 

According to the American Academy of Pediatric guide, no child should have a telephone in their bedroom while unsupervised. 

Another example is children brining their iPads and phones to the dinner table. 

Research shows having a family meal at home without distractions is important. 

Every day, what kind of message is being sent to kids on the importance of family at dinner time. 

Your kids are there but not there. 

Using the phone or tablet in the car with headphones. 

What happens when they tune in with headphones is they tune you out. 

No one is being engaged, no conversation, no time for listening to them. 

Am I guilty of a few of these? 

Yes, however, I try to catch myself and fix it when I can. 

You and I, as parents, are the ones that allow it. 

Is it okay to take their phones away before bedtime? 


Is it O.K. to make sure dinner time is the priority and not the iPad, at the table?  YES. 

Is it o.k. to hold unto the phone in the car so you can have a conversation on the road?  YES. 

We are the parents and know what is best for our kids, even if they do not agree, that’s O.K. 

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