The Enemy Of The Martial Arts Student

As an instructor I still get these moments of frustration, feeling “stuck”, or think I’m not capable of achieving anything new.

These problems all come from the same place.


The voice inside your head that cries you can’t, nothing is changing, average is ok…

The source of all my problems and the source of all your problems is a little voice we all have in our heads. OURSELVES….

This voice sounds a lot like your own voice and tends to creep in quietly whenever we seem to not be able to reach our full potential. 

This voice’s theme song is and favorite two words are “YOU CAN’T”….

Did someone tell you that you can’t raise a child in a scary and unknown world to be a leader. Why?

Circumstances will always change, even in the good times, but that voice still remains. 

However, conquering and mastering the “I CAN”T battle is my, yours, and your child’s toughest competition. 

He is more persistent, more cunning, and more devastating than anyone opponent I  faced in the ring.

He likes to convince me  that he’s on my side.

He convinces you that he’s doing you a favor by keeping you safe and comfortable in your comfort zone.

Here is the reality…. The “I CAN”T voice doesn’t care about you, your peace of mind, success, or happiness of your child.  All he cares about is keeping you right where you are.

So how do you get rid of it?

You can’t, it will always be there… But you can out-smart, out-act- and not listen to him.

The best place to start is with your “WHY”….

The “will” eventually will subside and weaken at times, but you have your “WHY” to fall back.

Remember you have the most important job in the world and that is raising kids.  There is nothing more noble, honorable, and fulfilling that raising children to be compassionate, empathetic, and strong minded kids.

The world is getting more violent, needs leadership, needs passionate instructors, strong parents who want  to change the community.

You’ve got an entire community who desperately needs your help…and a  child who looks up to you more than you know.

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