The Kids Work Ethic Crisis


Some people call it the wussification of America, some call it entitlement, some parents call it lazy.

Whatever your definition is, hard work is not cool for today’s kids.

As parents, we know that a strong work ethic is important. 

However, when it comes to kids, why do parents let kids do what they want and avoid activities that are tedious or challenging? 

Work ethic can be developed in kids. 

The reality is that life is a great teacher, life will teach them there are no short cuts, magic wands, or endless fun. 

Delayed gratification, responsibility, accountability, and hard work really do work. 

As a matter of act, most personal growth comes from moving outside our comfort zones. 

There is no need to bubble-wrap or mislead your kids about the hard work ethic. 

It is O.K. to explain that boredom is normal in life sometimes. 

Life is about doing the hard work first, and then play. 

Is this going to be easy? 

NO . . .

But an investment in showing hard work works is a great return!

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