The Mind Of A Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Instructor

How does a martial arts instructor view his students?

I think this is a great question and reveals an instructors beliefs systems and ultimately how he treat his students.

In this post I will share how I see students from my point of view.

 I view being an Instructor like staring at a block of marble and then slowly, over time, using vision. 

With the right tools, I will reveal a work of art. 

This marble block could be low self-esteem, lack of discipline, or poor focus, or behavior problems. 

These issues are like cracks or rough edges of the marble stone. 

My job is to chip away at the stone, until the student can see for himself, the work of art already there.

 I do not debate in the technical aspect in which form a martial arts is better at doing this.  This debate is superficial. 

  I believe that being an Instructor is about helping a student experience a higher level of living in this world through martial arts. 

It is about creating a mindset where the student has to be a part of the journey and they work at this vision of what they can become. 

Something I could see at the beginning.

   The best martial arts schools in the world have always been about results, giving the student what they are paying for and moving toward the goals we set together. 

The future of instruction belongs to the school and instructor who can create beauty, one student at a time, out of an ordinary stone. 


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