The Most Common Myth About Martial Arts

Many times parents and even martial arts owners I have met believe that the mat is where personal growth happens for students.

This is where it starts, however, it is not where it ends.

Any good instructor can teach a student how to kick, punch, or defend themselves.Any instructor can teach a student to win competition, raise a trophy, or earn a belt.

This type of teaching is not enough.

In my opinion, the potential to change the world by building better students is our real purpose.It is when a student takes the discipline of respect off the mat and into the classroom, the store, with friends, with teachers, and makes it a basis of living, that we know we have been successful.

It is not just your child who will benefit from this type of living.It is our schools, their teachers, their friends, and our local community who need a, “force of good”.

When respect, discipline, healthy living, and a strong mindset become a part of a student’s life, a student becomes a role model of martial arts with his actions.

While I respect and admire instructors who compete for world titles, I have come to believe that making the world a better place is of more importance. As instructors, we have the potential to influence students to a higher level. 

We can teach students to role model strength, courage and discipline so our community can see it is not just about the “martial” but about the “art” of living a life that makes a difference, that means something, that makes the world a better place.

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