The Philosophy Behind Alamo Ranch Martial Arts

Nearly every day of the year I am thinking about a more evolved martial arts curriculum to push forward. 

What I grew up learning, has become stale and is no longer relevant for students of today. 

I did not grow up in an age of quick fixes, instant gratification, a rise in violence, and a “participation trophy” mentality this is placing our kids in this day and age. 

I see, first hand, students quitting, not finishing what they start, turning online for entertainment and what fast food and a sedentary lifestyle does to them. 

These issues are the real enemy of children today. 

This is the true enemy, in my view, of a martial artist. 

It does not good to teach someone how to defend themselves physically if they cannot speak up and say, “NO” to peer pressure. 

You just have a student who can defend himself but gets in trouble for hanging around the wrong crowd. 

You have a kid who quits at the first time they experience adversity. 

Who feels entitled to a trophy for participating instead of striving for excellence. 

A child who seeks the quick fix instead of putting in the work that it takes to succeed. 

Success and perseverance can be painful. 

Allowing kids to run rom it, does more harm than teaching them to embrace it as a pathway to excellence. 

We believe that hard work works and students must earn everything. 

No hand-outs, just good old-fashioned discipline, hard work, sweat, and joy of over coming once own limitation. 

A discovery of the best version of themselves!

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