The Real Enemy Of Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Student

By June 5, 2019Latest News

Instant Gratification–  the problem with instant gratification is if kids don’t like it , or things get tough they quit and they give into the impulse behavior.

The problem with this is kids never learn what it takes to be great and that the greatness takes doing what they don’t want to do over and over again.

Kids never develop the personal fulfillment of overcoming adversity because they quit before they ever experience it.

They buy into the delusion of that there are short cuts in life and quick fixes.

However, the truth is that high performance can almost always be attributed to endless and painful actions done consistently over time.

Research shows that allowing kids to quit just because it’s hard leads to lower self-esteem and kids ultimately never experience the internal reward of never giving up.

At Alamo Ranch Martial Arts we believe that greatness is already in our students but it takes work and you have to experience adversity to overcome it.   Getting 1% better everyday!

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