The “Secret” Of The Karate Kid

THE “SECRET” OF KARATE KID- More than just kicking and punching.

As a Karate Kid fan, it has been fun seeing the movie from a parents’ perspective rather than a child. 

As a child, it was just a cool movie and was more interested in the fighting part rather than the real life lessons the movie taught. 

As a parent and instructor, I see how Mr. Miyagi was an empathetic, caring, and expert guide to Daniel. 

He had walked the path and knew how to reach Daniel in a unique way. 

He started teaching Daniel by doing chores for him. 

From a physical standpoint, he was “drilling” him to develop strength and reaction. 

From a personal development perspective, he was teaching him humility to pay his dues, and perseverance. 

We first start to see the benefits Mr. Miyagi  taught him  in regard to life skills of personal balance when Daniel applies them toward his relationship with Alli.

He also learns respect by looking his opponents in the eye and bowing. 

By the end of the movie, Daniel has not only developed into a new man because of Mr. Miyagi, but earned the respect of even his enemy. 

All because of Mr. Miyagi. 

Would you like to see more of these benefits in your child?




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