What IS Alamo Ranch Martial Arts?

By June 11, 2019Latest News

When you come to Alamo Ranch Martial Arts, there’s a major paradigm shift you’ll discover in how we operate.

The customer (your child) is the hero of our story, not us.

You won’t ever here us bragging about our style or how many championships we’ve won or been trained by Grandmaster etc….

That really doesn’t matter in what’s best for your child.

We position our students as the hero and ourselves as their guide, were here to help them along their journey.

In other words, your child is Luke Skywalker. We are Yoda.

It’s a small but powerful shift in how we operate our martial arts school.

This honors your child’s own personal journey as we guide them overcome their own struggles.

Yoda shows Luke how to use the force and trains him as a Jedi, which eventually allows him to overcome the evil empire.

Luke had it in him all along he just needed a Jedi master to guide him and let him become the hero.

That is how we approach each and every student as a young Luke who has what it takes already inside but just needs the right guide to help him succeed.


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