What Is The 3 Week Martial Arts?

What is the the Alamo Ranch Martial Arts 3 Week Challenge?

I am going to answer 3 commonly asked questions that will cover everything you need to know.

What EXACTLY is the challenge?

How to START the challenge

How to get it FREE

Sound Good?

I want to start by answering the most common question I get asked by parents.

Why Do You Offer A Challenge?

Here’s why…

After talking to hundreds of parents, I noticed a pattern of the same concerns and issues coming up in my parent conferences.

With tears in their eyes, parents opened up to me about their biggest fear.

This fear was the future their kids were growing up in.

Hard-working parents, some single, some couples, right here in the Alamo Ranch community, worried about a scary and unknoweable future for their kids.

  • Afraid of the ever-growing violence in their own neighborhoods and society…

…Just watch the news…

  • The long-term effects of bullying in schools nowadays…
  • …This is why NISD has a 0 Tolerance bully policy…Northside knows the danger…
  • How video games and the on-screen lifestyle are the norm …

…Kids would rather play online than outside…Borderline addiction.

  • ïPeer pressure and negative influences…

…Could their child say “NO” to their  friends or defend themselves if necessary?

  • ïKids where falling victim to the instant gratification and the participation trophy mentality.

… Crushing the very spirit of success.

Here’s the BIG PROBLEM

There is a price to pay by not doing anything…

The Price?

Your kids safety, success, and future is at RISK!!!

Scary right?

Why were parents and kids struggling in today’s society and how could I help?

I couldn’t figure it out…

Until I stumbled across the solution…

The idea was something no other martial arts school was doing nor had ever done.

It changed EVERYTHING!

The solution came to me in three questions…

  1. Why not offer a short term martial arts challenge to prove to parents that we could change lives before they signed up with me?
  1. Why not market my school with pictures of their child’s transformation on this journey, and in exchange, I would pay them back, so the challenge was FREE?
  1. Why not build a martial arts program I would want my own child to be a part of, that would surround him with a community of like-minded parents with the same goals in mind?

Can you see how powerful this is?

I knew I was onto something SPECIAL, UNIQUE, and DIFFERENT!


  • Parents loved the idea of a challenge…No long-term commitments…Just Results…
  • Parents wanted to partner with organizations that focused on building integrity, confidence, and discipline…The big levers to future success…
  • Parents where already on Facebook, pictures of their child’s journey on this challenge sounded fun…

Curious yet? Here’s how I got the idea of offering a 3 week martial arts challenge. 

It was a late Saturday night in February in 2018, I was sitting at home wrestling with how to create a martial arts challenge that worked 100% of the time.

It was a big challenge…

How could I create a program that guarantees students would get these results?

  • The discipline of knowing when to use martial arts and when to walk away
  • The confidence of knowing when to speak up and say “No” to peer pressure
  • Increase listening skills so students became better listeners in school and at home

I also wanted:

  • A way to use transformations of my students as a way to market my school
  • To create a results-based martial arts challenge that was high energy, fun, and had an element of accountability for both students and parents.   
  • Build a community of like-minded families that encouraged, inspired, and rewarded students for making character transformations.

Then it hit me…. A Challenge!

A challenge to transform your child’s character within 3 weeks for pictures of your child’s success on this journey. 

I would call it…

———————The FREE 3 Week Martial Arts Transformation Challenge————–

The challenge couldn’t be for everyone, as a matter of fact, I would make it by application only since I was putting my reputation on the line. 

More importantly……

It had to work…be simple…easy… effective…

A few things started happening with our challenges.

  1. Transformations were happening FAST!
  2. I was caught off guard seeing kids change, parents smiling, and our school growing …
  3. My martial arts school started filling up, quickly…
  4. I had to start limiting how many challengers I could take, which is why the challenge is by application only…

By having parents apply first, I could pre-screen every student, I could partner with parents who were serious about building confidence, focus, and self-esteem in their kids.


  • Both you and your child are not willing to put in the work and follow my requirements. NO exceptions.
  • Your child hates fun or loves making excuses.
  • You are not motivated to work with me and stay accountable on a weekly basis.
  • You are not willing to post success pictures of your child on Facebook and help me market my school.
  • You are not willing to celebrate their success at our celebration graduation.

If you are still reading and believe you and your child have what it takes, then YOU are who I want.

Be warned!!!!

The challenge is addictive and your child will probably want to continue and so will you!!!

I don’t have to use fancy bells or whistles to convince you to sign up after the challenge.

Your child’s transformation is enough for my program to sell itself……

As a matter of fact, there is no obligation… no commitment…no hassles… continue only if you want.

Sound fair? 

If you feel like you have what it takes, your child has been thinking about starting martial arts for awhile, and your willing to put in the work, then our challenge is for you!

The truth is, your standing at a crossroads right now…

To the left is the scary and unkoweable future your kid is growing up in, the one your child is on. To the right is my FREE 3 Week Martial Arts Challenge

Choosing the right road is the one that will keep your child SAFE, HAPPY, and SUCCESSFUL.   

I’m hoping you choose success…

Schedule your tour here —————> https://3weekChallengeApplication.as.me/

Or Call me at 210-998-3407 today! Don’t wait any longer. 

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