What Makes A Great Martial Arts Instructor?


I believe that a great instructor must first be dedicated to a life of personal development and professionalism. 

These are the building blocks. 

They come first. 

I have noted the best Instructors tirelessly pursue personal education both on the mat and off. 

They see the journey of an Instructor as a never-ending journey for themselves, thus for their students as well. 

This journey of self-improving comes not only in teaching better, but understanding how to live a successful and meaningful deep life.  

A great instructor teaches a student with the same passion and energy whether it is day one or day 1,000. 

A great Instructor understands where each student is and creates a way to tap into their strengths getting the most out of them. 

A great Instructor has the empathy to put the students’ needs above his own. 

A great Instructor knows each student is on their own journey and is a guide to help them down their own path. 

A great Instructor knows that he cannot do the work for the student, only inspire, motivate, and lead by example. 

A great Instructor knows that having fun must be part of the training just as much as technique. 

A martial arts school can have the flashiest logo, do all the marketing in the world, but without a great Instructor, will never really impact its students!  

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