What Makes Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Different??

What Makes Alamo Ranch Martial Arts Different?

The hub of the martial arts experience and a success always comes down to the instructor. 

Does he have empathy to truly get to know your child, the authority and competency to teach how your child learns, and the ability to motivate and inspire to higher levels?  

Is what makes them different what you want? 

I can tell you what makes us different is our strategic Focus and 3 Uniques. 

We have a relentless obsession to offer each student a hyper-personalized character development martial arts program. 

This means sitting down with each parent and student and figuring out exactly what problems they are experiencing and putting together a personalized program that develops both the mind and body. 

We believe each student has different needs both physically, mentally and learn in his own way. 

The only way to truly understand this situation is by having a parent-student interview to discover what the problems are first. 

We then put together a personalized program with weekly accountability, goal setting, and on-going evaluation to give both parents and student weekly feedback. 

Students can go on-line and see how they stack up on benchmarks

This can only be done by highly trained professionals who can deliver this outcome. 

This is our first Unique differentiate. 

An empathetic, entertaining Black Belt instructor. 

We only use Black Belt instructors who have the competence and authority to teach the physical part and the empathy to teach the personal development part of our program.


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