What my job as your child’s instructor is-

By May 31, 2019Latest News

I want to share with you something I feel passionately about.  This is what my job is as your child’s instructor. 

I do not believe my job is to see your child raise thousands of trophies in the air, use his hands and feet to prove his strength, or kick the highest.  

I am using the practice of martial arts to help your child become a better human being.  It is not about me being a Master Instructor, but of being a servant.

Empty my cup to fill your child’s.  The last thing our community needs is another kick thrown, punch landed, another violent way of handling the evils of the world. 

Our kids need a humble guide who is kind, empathetic, who gives rather than take.  While your child’s training may look like exercise and martial arts, it is so much deeper.

 It is about instilling the values that our society craves and so badly needs.  I believe in helping students rise above the violence, rise above the quick-fix mentality, rise above the status quo.

That is my job as an instructor to teach students what is learned in the school and take it out into the world.

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