Who We Are At Alamo Ranch Martial Arts?

We developed Alamo Ranch  Martial Arts with the idea of rethinking the out-dated mentality that has plagued the martial arts industry for far too long.  This meant teaching differently, operating differently, and thinking outside the box.

Many times owners and martial artist think there style, there discipline, there way is the only way. This type of thinking and operating a school is ego-driven.

We believe and developed a program that sees the student as the hero of the story, not the style of martial arts.  Parents and students are coming to us with some type of internal, external, and philosophical dilemma (s).

This could be the external problem of being bullied, the internal problem of lack of confidence to speak up, and then the philosophical problem of “can I really defend myself?” These students are looking for guides, not a hero.

We believe that we are not the hero of the story and neither is the style we teach. Our students are seeking a guide with empathy and authority. Someone who truly understands, cares about, and has a genuine sincerity in there heart to understand these problems. Then the authority and competency to help them solve these problems. The guide then gives the students the tools to help them overcome these problems.

Our program is not about us, but about the student.   We’ve uncovered and gotten to a deep level of knowing what kids and parents are facing in today’s world. We then rewrote rulebook on what we believe and set a standard for what we expect.

These standards allow us to attract students and parents with those same values and beliefs system like hard work works, everything is earned, mindset matters, life is better in shape etc… We then introduce our tools (martial arts program) as a vehicle for solving these problems and then drill them so they become habits and turn ordinary students into the true life hero of their own story.

This way of operating our school has allowed us to be “change agents” in our city.  We believe that if our martial arts program can’t offer a transformational change to a large amount of students consistently, repeatedly, and over a long period of time then we are doing something wrong.


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