Why Do You Ask For A 60 Day Notice To Cancel At Alamo Ranch Martial Arts?

Why a 60 day notice to cancel?

Why do we ask for a 60 day notice to cancel?

This is a common question I hear all the time before any guest becomes a student. 


All of our programs on a autopay system. 

You stay as long as you like, cancel any time 

The next question I get asked is if they can cancel their membership at any time and my answer is, YES, as well. 

Here is how I explain it to parents.

As parents, we all know the benefits of teaching our kids to finish what you start. 

Teaching kids to continue when things get difficult or no longer fun, is how discipline is actually developed. 

As a matter of fact, I would not be a Black Belt if my parents let me quit as a child. 

At the time, I fought my parents and even cried because I wanted to quit. 

However, they taught me that I had to finish what I had started.

Developing discipline means overcoming adversity and requires consistent effort and practice over time. 

We know this as parents. 

The last thing I want to do is to force our kids to do something they do not want to do. 

We put the emphasis on us re-motivating, inspiring, and teaching students the benefit of not quitting by offering a 60 Day Notice To Cancel. 

If we cannot re-motivate a student in 60 days, then they can cancel. 

We can usually save 60% of students. 

With this option, we discovered that students get re-motivated because they learn the joy of overcoming adversity. 

The fire lights up again inside themselves and confidence and discipline start to develop at a higher level than ever before. 

As a parent, you have felt this feeling of achievement and would be a shame if you deprived your child of this same experience.

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