Why Mom’s Love Alamo Ranch Martial Arts


The truth is that 85%of our inquiries come from mothers.  Mothers are looking for a quality martial arts program that can help them and their children. 

Most Moms who call are from the late 20’s to late 30’s. 

They usually have multiple kids from a newborn to the ages of 8-9 (give or take a few years). 

This stage of life is difficult …..

These Moms usually are dealing with exhaustion….

Multiple kids means juggling what seems like 10 balls at one time.

From colds, to stomach viruses, ear infections, school, to nap time.

Many times a mother feels guilt from having to work and not spending enough time with the kids. 

On the end of the spectrum is the guilt from staying home and not doing enough to contribute financially. 

When exhaustion hits a mother, her patience usually leaves as well.

This produces guilt from the feeling of yelling at the kids all the time. 

Or maybe the guilt from trying to keep the house clean and it never seems to be clean. 

The other difficulty is the question of, “Am I raising my kids the right way?”  Do you force your kids to apologize or let them learn to do it on their own? 

The other challenge is a Moms social group.  Some friends are getting married, others struggling in their marriage, maybe some are already divorced.  Not only are they exhausted from the kids but keeping their own marriage healthy takes work.

Their body starts to change and in come cases they may notice the weight comes on faster and is harder to lose.   No time though for exercise, there is just to much to do….

Balance seems impossible yet they have to keep going no matter what…

It’s hard… Really hard…..

So how does martial arts tie into the struggle that Mothers are experiencing?  WE CAN HELP….It’s almost impossible to do it alone. 

  • ïYou need connections with other Mothers who share the same values on how you want to raise your child and the values you are instilling. 
  • ïYou need connections from other Mothers where you can make friends, your children can make connections that go beyond the martial arts mat.
  • ïA way to teach your kids that when Mom says “NO” it means “NO” without the whining.
  • ïA program with a strong and inspirational message for your kids that aligns with your values to make your life easier.
  • ïA place where you can sit and enjoy your kids, see them smile, smile yourself, and be proud of seeing your children develop into their best selves.

As difficult as it is at this stage for mothers, this stage is only temporary. Your kids will be gone and the time and effort and experience you create today will fade into just memories tomorrow.  You’ll eventually move into the next stage of growth of hormones, pimples, broken hearts, middle school crushes, and bullying.  The foundation you build now pays dividends in the future.

Martial arts can help reinforce and create the foundation that you are creating at this stage of life.  More importantly, the field trips of today, Santa Claus, reading time, Easter egg hunting, and Halloween will be gone in 10-15 years depending on the age of your child.

As difficult as it is  . . . .  .

This stage will fade and you will wish you had spent more time enjoying this stage of your children’s’ lives.   

Take a deep breath, and enjoy this life stage because this too shall pass…..


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